FEC141 Jan 2, 2016

141 by mp236 @ 5:33 with 809 & 803.  Very nice 2016 salute from the crew to my
sparklers and still some daylight.  Racks up front, mish mash of freight with box cars,
tanks and lumber, empty wells and all IM the last half with UPS, three wells with short
shirt tanks with one being a newbie to me, DANA.  Mostly double stacks toward the end. 
Meeting 240 in Rio.  Caboose at Ridge for the weekend with his 813, so no vids.
Anita caboose

 Two extras out of Bowden today. 141 is a "real" extra, on duty at 11:15am. 143 is 101
in disguise, since the crews are out of place from the holiday yesterday.

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